Monday, November 12, 2007

Geeky woman, late twenties, early thirties, almost 30, married, with dog, currently exploring new vistas, seeks the following songs:

Jockey Full Of Bourbon - Moxy Fruvous
Opaline - Dishwalla
Turn On The Sun Again - The Real Tuesday Weld
Postscript - Automata
Stay In The Shade - Jose Gonzalez
Film - The Bad Plus
Worrisome Heart - Melody Gardot
Secret Energy - The Buddhist Monks of Sakya Tashi Ling
Make It Alright - Jay Farrar
Angelhead - Gabriel Rios
Dee Moo Wee - Orchestra Baobab
Heart's A Mess - Gotye
Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez
Sadhana - Steve Stevens
Hollow - Hem
So Long - Sophie Zelmani
All The People - Jets Overhead
Anywhere - Beth Orton
Bombs - Faithless
Classical Gas - Mason Williams
Home - Zero 7
When the Night Feels My Song - Bedouin Soundclash
Seed - AfroCelt Sound System
In The Light - Led Zepplin
Out Of Time Man - Manu Negra
Homesick - Kings Of Convenience
The Sea - Morcheeba
The Ground Beneath Her Feet - U2
Ni Liom Fein - Kila & Oki
Dancin' - Chris Isaak
De Ushuaia a La Quiaca - Gustav Santaolalla
Starlight - The Wailin' Jennys
Sleeping Together - Porcupine Tree
To Let Myself Go - Ane Brun
The Man Who Sold The World - Nirvana
Katmandu - Bela Fleck
Glory Box - Portishead
Glittering Cloud - Imogen Heap
Smoke & Mirrors - RJD2
Blue Caravan - Vienna Teng
Cello Song - Nick Drake
Ternuras - Gypsy Kings
Still...You Turn me On - Emerson Lake & Palmer
Run - Supergrass
Long Way Home - Tom Waits
You're The One - Tracy Chapman
Silver Lining - Rilo Kiley
Jump, Jive And Wail - Louis Prima
Unsquare Dancing - Paddy Milner
The Only Way - Gotye
Faoudel (Eray) - Khaled Taha
Cerulean - Jon Hopkin
Crucial Depressions - Rithma
Tropical Trip - Kick-Bong
Willing To Wait - Sebadoh
Rehab - Amy Winehouse
Back To Black - Amy Winehouse
When The Levee Breaks - Led Zepplin

current song Rehab by Amy Winehouse - Watch it!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

naive romantic idealism

Friday, March 03, 2006

you know you're in love (or extremely stupid) when:

you find it amusing and sometimes even cute when he farts in a mall (cute??!! yes that has known to happen)

you appreciate his honesty when he tells you your hair looks awful and that your "bulges" aren't very flattering

you wake up in the middle of the night after being kicked by him in the ribs and then snuggle and go back to sleep

you honestly and sincerely think he looks just as good as the day you met, even when he can keep the refridgerator door open with his stomach

you never, ever can give him surprise gifts because he just happens to be related to curious george

you end up fulfilling his promise of cooking while you clean

you don't mind him hating all your exes while you make friends with all his exes

current song Feelin' Way Too Damn Good by Nickelback

Monday, February 27, 2006

yes yes, someone promised to post to post over the weekend...but then that someone also owns a 97 honda. when this someone bought that car she was promised atleast 3 years of utter reliability and fun.....somehow she managed to misinterpret it ...apparently car owners and cars speak a different language when sale of car is involved....anyways car frustrations aside....someone did do some thinking over the weekend.

has it happened to you where you're caught up thinking about something and then the whole universe seems to be trying to help you, well in its own subtle albeit undeniable ways? take for example me. whenever i listen to great music - a wonderfully gifted musician weaving magic with fingers or an artist pouring out his or her soul, breathing passionate life into the words of a mere song or a when i read a deliciously delightful poem or when i hear a scientist speak about his or her research - it makes me jealous. yes, you heard me right, jealous. not of their talent for which i am grateful, but for the passion with which they do what they do. for so many people seemed to have found that one thing, that one special magical pill made just for them, that makes them oblivious to the rest of the world, that makes their spirits soar, that they would always have even if everything was lost. reminds me of one of my very first conversations with R (aah sweet memories)...and he said to me, " not everyone is fortunate enough to find what it is they were meant to do, forget what it is they would like to think they were meant to do. thats just the way it is ". and i took that to heart. i wanted to prove i was one of them. i'm smart, creative, adventurous, surely i can find my passion, i thought. i was training for my marathon at the time and i was pumped on what they called the "runner's high". i thought i had found it, there on the trail, me running at 11 mph minutes a mile, one with nature, it was exhilarating. and then the marathon had been run, i had a medal a certificate to prove that and a few months later i was still on a break, and nobody talked about it anymore and soon it was like it never happened. now i have to make quite an effort to get myself to get out and run even 2 miles. so, was i, am i, passionate about running? what is it that i'm passionate about? i used to paint (quite well actually) in high school, then i didn't have time for it. then i played handball for a bit and then slowly life took over and somehow now i have nothing. passion. passion. what is my passion? do i even love passionately? how am i supposed to know? but when you're passionate about something, wouldnt you know? in your bones? would you make excuses to avoid doing something if you were passionate about it?

with a hundred zillion such questions crowding my mind, i sat down to watch the amazing movie Iqbal last night...and there again was a kid with nothing but a passion and a burning desire. and his mentor who just had to say "i believe we all come into this life to do something extraordinary. only most of us spend our entire lifetimes trying to figure out what that is" or something to that effect. which got me wondering if i indeed, was one of the countless destined to spend the rest of my life lost and trying just hard enough to make life a little better. sigh.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

From site is so funny!
//Fortune condoms! A surprise every time...//

Oh, the joy this could bring!
-You will soon find yourself disappointed.
-You will be showered with joy. Kinky bastard.
-Think again, man. She has the clap.
-Confuscious say: man with defective condom is man with little problem. Problem be here in 9 months.

more here...

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Friday, December 09, 2005


5:09 pm

another long day of work. i have to leave before 5:15 or be prepared to be trapped in the horribly slow traffic. I’m about to shutdown the computer when i see an email come in. "would it be too much work to breakdown this report by bla bla and email it to bla bla tonight, before you leave?" sure, why not. you're my boss's boss.

5:20 pm

i don't like traffic. strike that. i hate traffic. 45 minutes to cover 10 miles, 8 of which are on the expressway. go figure. as i try to catch up on life outside mine on NPR, i think how much i miss riding the metro to work and back. how i much i miss catching up on my reading, trying to crack progressively difficult sudoku puzzles, observing the latest fashions on hip young women, hearing snatches of conversation some funny some mundane some plain sad.

my knee hurts from hitting the brake every two seconds. then there’s the occasional lane changer who is convinced the lane i'm in is moving 2 mph faster than his. no i dont think i'm being unreasonable. i'd definitely much rather be on the metro, thank you.

6:03 pm

it’s dark already. umm, i love the christmas lights on their patio.ooh and the gingerbread men on their lawn. christmas reminds me of diwali. i haven't been home for diwali in 6 years. new job and i haven't accrued enough vacation to go home this year. 3 years it will be.sigh. i pull into the driveway, check the mailbox and come in. the house is dark, like everyday. "hey sweety!", i hear you say. i turn on the lights and walk into your office. there you are. in your dark little corner of the house, hunched over the computer, the LCD glare absorbing your face. i could watch you like this. for a very long time. look at you, working so hard, oblivious to everything else. i know. i know you will say "im so hungry, i could eat a horse. i totally forgot to eat today!" and i will toussle your hair, "my poor baby" and kiss you.

"you're staring again. aren't you going to come over and kiss me? im so hungry i could eat a horse. i totally forgot to eat today!" yes baby. i could do this everyday. come home. to you.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


while im working on an actual post, here's a filler..and a funny one to boot!

to all u gal pals:


A specially formulated diet designed to help cope with the stress that
builds up during the day:

• 1 grapefruit
• 1 slice whole-wheat toast
• 1 cup skimmed milk

• Small portion lean, steamed chicken with a cup of spinach
• Cup of herbal tea
• 1 miniature Mars bar

• The rest of the mini Mars bars in the bag
• Tub of Hagen Daas ice cream with chocolate-chip topping

• 4 bottles of wine (red or white)
• 2 loaves of garlic bread
• 1 family size supreme pizza
• 3 Snickers bars

• Whole frozen Sara Lee cheesecake (eaten directly from the freezer)


  1. If no one sees you eat something, it has no calories.

  2. When drinking a Diet Coke with a chocolate bar, the fat in the chocolate bar is cancelled out by the Diet Coke.

  3. When you eat with someone else, calories don’t count if you eat less than they do.

  4. Food used for medical purposes do NOT count (for example: hot chocolate, toast, cheesecake etc).

  5. If you fatten up the people around you, you will look thinner.

  6. Cinema related foods have a zero calorie count as they are part of the entertainment package and not counted as food intake (this includes popcorn, Minties, Maltesers, Jaffas and frozen Cokes).

  7. A biscuit broken into pieces has no calories because of calorie leakage caused by the breaking.

  8. Food licked from knives and spoons whilst in the process of cooking has no fat.

  9. Foods of the same colour have the same amount of fat. For example: spinach and peppermint ice cream; apples and red jelly snakes.

  10. Chocolate is like a food-colour wildcard and maybe substituted for any other colour.

  11. Anything eaten while standing has no calories due to gravity and the density of the calorie mass.

  12. Food consumed from someone else’s plate has no fat as it rightfully belongs to the other person – fat will cling to his/her plate.

And remember “STRESSED” spelt backwards is “DESSERTS”!

current song Bolo Hari (Niraj Chag Remix) from Yoga Mela by Prem Joshua

Monday, November 28, 2005

food for thought (or maybe not)

why shouldn't (men's) wallets be called 'ASS-essories'?

wouldn't that be hot

it did kind of give him the funnies

(or so i thought)

untill he came up with one of his very own bloopies

(blooper bloopette bloopernaut)

why isn't there a 'blathering', now tell me please

(yes yes i kid you not)

blabbering while lathering, lathering while blabbering (oh geez!)

(is what he does in the shower a lot)

oh well, now you know we've got the crazies

i'll leave you with a fun factot!

According to The Free Dictionary By Farlex
1. Something, such as a belief or institution, that elicits blind and destructive devotion or to which people are ruthlessly sacrificed.
2. An overwhelming, advancing force that crushes or seems to crush everything in its path: "It doesn't assume that people need necessarily remain passive when confronted by what appears to be the juggernaut of history" Christopher Lehmann-Haupt.
3. Juggernaut Used as a title for the Hindu deity Krishna.

[Hindi jagannaath, title of Krishna, from Sanskrit jagannaathah, lord of the world : jagat, moving, the world + naathah, lord (from nathate, he helps, protects). Senses 1 and 2, from the fact that worshipers have thrown themselves under the wheels of a huge car or wagon on which the idol of Krishna was drawn in an annual procession at Puri in east-central India.]

Oh My!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

odds and ends

what better day to start the day than with garfield? (ok i admit, there are plenty more "better" ways to start the day, but what the heck, i have a yen for cliches this morning)

on another note, oatmeal could definitely do with some livening up :-

says the quaker website:
"A prehistoric adventure begins as soon as kids empty the packet of brown sugar-flavored oatmeal into their bowl, add boiling water and begin to stir! Within seconds, dinosaur eggs hatch
into brightly colored baby stegosaurus and triceratops."

More here: Gizmodo and here: X-Entertainment

garfield + baby dinaosaurs? maketh me morning happy!

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